Can tourists buy short term car insurance?

Short term car insurances in the UK are designed to help motorists with their car insurance needs where an annual policy is not an option. So long as the driver applying is entitled to drive in the UK, and has a full driving licence from their own country then they can apply for short term car insurance for a tourist. These policies can be issued for between 1 and 28 days, and offer a competitively priced range of cover.

Am I entitled to drive in the UK?

If one of the following applies, then you are entitled to drive in the UK and can apply for one of these policies to keep you properly covered.

•An EU licence holder is entitled to drive in the UK until they reach 70 years of age
. •A licence holder from one of the "Designated countries" which has a licence exchange agreement with the UK can drive here for 5 years from their date of entry
•A full licence holder from any other country may drive in the UK for one year before being required to sit a driving test

In addition, applicants should be under 75 and have held their licence for more than one year.

What is the short term insurance suitable for?

These policies are suitable for a huge range of requirements. Basically, anyone who is eligible to drive, but does not require a full annual insurance policy can apply for one of these. The following are some common reasons for buying short term insurance:

•Maybe you would like to drive someone else's car but need to arrange insurance first
•Perhaps you are going on a long journey with someone and would like to share the driving. Insurance will be required and an annual policy would not be suitable
•It's possible that a situation has arisen which requires you to drive - these policies can be issued in minutes, providing cover for all manner of emergencies

How long do I take a policy out for?

This is entirely at the driver's discretion. If you need to drive for only one day, then take a policy out for one day. They can be issued for anything up to 28 days. One of the main benefits, among many, is that they allow people to only pay for the cover they need. Some of the other benefits include:

•Immediate cover available
•Option for comprehensive cover in the UK
•Optional breakdown assistance can be included
•Quotes will be presented in under a minute

Car insurance - you have to have it but that is no reason to pay too much for it!!