Seized Cars

Has your car been impounded because you were caught driving whilst uninsured? have you then found out that every policy you have tried to buy specifically excludes collecting a car from a police pound? Wondering how you can get your car released? Specialist impounded car insurance is the answer.

How can I get my car back from the pound?

You will need to act quickly. Most impounded cars are kept for 14 days only before they are sold or destroyed. Amongst other documents you will need to have proof of ownership of the car,which usually means the logbook; your drivers licence and evidence that it is insured. However since mainstream insurance companies refused to cover a car in this situation, this can be very difficult, particularly since you will now also be facing a charge of driving without insurance.

How can I get insurance for my impounded car?

There are specialist policies designed for people in your situation. In order to comply with legislation these policies must run for an absolute minimum of 30 days. This means that standard short-term policies which run from a single day up to 28 days will not be accepted.

You will need therefore to buy a policy from an insurance company which specifically covers removal of and impounded car. These are usually third-party only policies and they run for either 30 days or a full year.

Most people who buy this type of policy opt for the shorter term one. This gives them time to get the car back home and either sell it or get it insured through a mainstream insurer, which would probably be cheaper than the premium charged by the impounded car insurer.

Can a friend get the car for me?

It is possible, but even more difficult than collecting it yourself. The problem still remains of getting insurance cover; the standard inclusion of cover for vehicles that don't belong to the insured person invariably excludes collecting a car from a pound, plus to make things worse the specialist policies are usually only available to the actual owner of the car.

Can I have my car towed away from the pound?

This can only be done by a company which is licenced to do so and there are very strict regulations governing the way in which this is done. It is usually far cheaper to get the car insured and drive it away.

How much will I get from the car if it is scrapped by the police?

You will get nothing back at all. However you will not have to pay the towing fee and storage charges that will have mounted up by now!

What if the car is not taxed, or has no MOT?

You cannot tax a vehicle without an MOT certificate and so a deposit, large enough to cover the excise licence, will be required before you can take the car away. If it has no MOT you must have a written appointment at a testing station, and you must take the car directly there from the pound.

Car insurance - you have to have it but that is no reason to pay too much for it!!