Having problems buying car insurance? Refused a policy renewal?

Having a car insurance policy refused or cancelled could make it very difficult for you to find reasonably priced car insurance, not only now but in the future too. If you try to by cover through a price comparison site it is likely that you will be refused again, which could make your situation even worse than it is already. You need a site designed for those who have been turned down for insurance like refusedcarinsurance.com.

Unfortunately an assumption is made that anyone who has had car insurance cancelled in the past or who has been refused a renewal quote has been involved in fraud or some other illegal activity. In the majority of cases this is simply not correct. Innumerable motorists have found it almost impossible to insurer car because of simple mistakes in the past, either committed by themselves or someone else.

Most insurance companies automatically either declined to quote at all, or offer outrageous premiums, to those who have been turned down in the past, without bothering to find out exactly why this happened.

Fortunately there are more enlightened insurers who are happy to listen to reasons why motorists have got into difficulties with their insurance, and in most cases they are able to offer affordable premiums to drivers in these unfortunate circumstances.

To find a suitable company you would need to contact an experienced broker who specialises in solving problems like this. This broker should have experience staff who can help you find the cover that you need at a price that you are happy to pay, bearing in mind your current circumstances.

It has been found that a very large proportion of motorists who've been turned down have had no prior warning that this was going to happen. Very often the cause of a refusal is not explained to the applicant. It could be something as simple as a simple oversight in filling in a proposal form, a missed payment owing to temporary cash flow problems or even a clerical error committed by an insurance company employee. One of the main advantages of dealing through a brokerage is at the company can probably find out exactly what the underlyingproblem is, so that it can be rectified and so not create similar problems in the future.

If you have recently applied for insurance for a car or van, and found it difficult to get a quotation; or if your current insurer has refused to offer you a renewal, get in touch with a specialist refused car insurance broker right away.

Car insurance - you have to have it but that is no reason to pay too much for it!!