Who can get temporary insurance?

The UK has a very strong and complex insurance market, and this has the effect of making it possible to get temporary car insurance with an EU licence at extremely competitive rates while still offering a fantastic level of cover. Not every vehicle will be able to be insured under such a policy, but certainly a lot of the most common and popular vehicles on UK roads will be covered. So long as the driver can meet the following criteria, they should be able to get cover with no problem.

•Aged between 18 and 75 years
•Holder of a full EU licence (provisionals are not acceptable)
•Held their driving licence for one year (Minimum)

What do these policies cost and what cover is included?

It's impossible to give a definitive answer. Quotes will differ according to a lot of criteria, but we can tell you that these policies are very, very cost effective. This is especially true when considering the cost against the other alternatives. There are a lot of benefits to temporary car insurance policies as well, for example:

•Immediate cover is available - no phone calls, no waiting
•Documents are instantly downloadable and provide the cover you need to drive away
•3rd Party EU cover can also be included in the cost
•Option for comprehensive cover in the UK
•Immediate cover in case of an emergency

What situations is temporary car insurance good for?

These insurance policies will provide cover in a wide variety of situations. The alternative insurance policy is an annual policy, and that is not suitable for everyone. Many customers get temporary car insurance for the following reasons:

•If you want to lend your car to someone, but your own insurer won't cover them, or want to charge too much to provide the cover
•If you have just bought a new vehicle and need cover to get it home while you look at other options
•Perhaps you only need to drive for a day or 2, in which case these policies are ideal
•If you are going on a long journey with a friend or relative and want to share the driving burden, then you need look no further
•Maybe an emergency has arisen which would be made easier if you could drive. A temporary policy will have you on the road in minutes

How long will one of these policies last for?

This is entirely up to you. The policies can be bought to cover anything from 1 day right up to 28 days. As a result of this, drivers are only paying for the time they actually need to drive, rather than paying for a full month if only 2 days cover is needed.

Car insurance - you have to have it but that is no reason to pay too much for it!!